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Stargate SG-1 - Tau’ri - Bill Lee.

Bill Lee is a civilian scientist who works at Stargate Command.

He is an engineer who is often called upon to work with alien technology.

One time, Lee served as Daniel Jackson’s aid on a mission to Honduras to locate the Ancients’ healing device. Lee and Jackson entered an ancient series of underground catacombs beneath a waterfall in Honduras and successfully located the Ancients’ device.

He and Jackson barely made it out alive after triggering a booby trap, only to be captured by Honduran terrorists, and held for ransom, until rescued.

Bill Lee has been in the episodes (all SG-1, unless noted) “Prodigy”, “Paradise Lost”, “Evolution I”, “Evolution II”, “Heroes I”, “Resurrection”, “Zero Hour”, “Avatar”, “SGA: Critical Mass”, “SGA: Adrift”, “SGA: Lifeline”, and “SGU: Air II”. Bill Lee is played by Bill Dow.

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